12 useful tips to rent a car for your trip

When it comes to making a tourist trip through a certain country where you are going to plan a route to visit different places, renting a car is, from my point of view, the ideal solution.

It allows you great autonomy, not depending on public transport. And in practice, it becomes the only way to visit the most remote corners.

That is my experience and that is why I always try to use the car as a means of transport on my trips.

Then, based on that experience, here are some tips to keep in mind when renting a car and trying to get the best deal.

Tips for renting a car to travel

How To Search For Rental Car Deals

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The offer of car rental companies is very wide. The prices and availability of the models they offer you can differ a lot. Depending on the country and the location where you are going to rent it.

Therefore, when renting a car, you will need to spend some time looking for the best deal.

What Car Is Better To Rent For Your Trip

The rental car models that they offer you are the usual ones in the country you are going to visit, so you may come across a brand or model that you may not know.

But in the end, what you really have to hire is a type of model with a certain size and characteristics.

Advantages Of Booking A Rental Car Online

It is essential to hire a rental car online in advance of your trip, even more so in times of high tourist season.

In this way, you can analyze the great existing offer, choose the type of vehicle you need, find specific offers, and ensure that when you arrive at your destination you have a car already reserved.

If you leave it for last and try to rent it directly at one of the rental offices of the destination, it will surely cost you more and you will have to settle for the model they have at that time… if there are vehicles available.

Can You Drive A Rental Car In Different Countries?

When you rent a car for a trip, it is generally possible to use it to travel to other neighboring countries, except in some cases where it is not allowed.

Therefore, if you plan to visit another country with a rental car, you have to make sure in advance that it will be possible.

Of course, in general, you must return the car to the same country where you have hired it, and if they allow you to do it in another country, they will charge you a significant surcharge on the price.

Best International Companies To Rent A Car

To hire a rental car, you can do it through international car rental companies (such as  Europcar or Sixt), which offer a wide range of models that are often renewed very frequently.

They often have offers and price promotions, such as a discount if you make a reservation in advance, although, in general, their standard prices tend to be more expensive.

Rent A Car From A Local Company

You can also hire it at small local car rental companies.

The latter will offer you cheaper prices, although their offer of models will be more limited, and surely you will not be able to contract it in advance via the internet.

Advantages Of A Car Rental Comparator

From my point of view, the most interesting alternative is car rental comparators such as a rental car. Which is the one I usually use.

They work with many rental companies and often offer the best prices as they can handle any overages.

Pay Car Rental With Card

In general, when looking for a rental car on the websites of rental companies. Although you have to provide the credit card number. The payment is not actually made until you pick up the car.

Of course, keep in mind that you may have some additional charges later on the card if you have to pay the franchise for an incident or a fine.

Advance Online Payment For Car Rental

If you pay online when hiring the car through their website, there are rental companies that offer you a better price with a discount of more or less 10 percent.

Likewise, in the case of car rental comparison websites ( Rental Car type), you also make the prior payment online, and when you pick up the car you will only have to pay the rental company the supplements that you can contract (second driver, excessive…)

Which Rental Car To Choose

When looking for a car, the important thing is to have a well-defined type of vehicle. That you need and the size that offers you enough space. For the number of travelers that you are going to travel.

And, above all, do not forget the necessary space for luggage. Therefore, it is better to hire a larger vehicle than you might settle for.

Recommended Rental Car Equipment

The equipment of rental cars is usually basic, but there are elements. Such as air conditioning, are important to determine.

There are other options, such as GPS, which can be very useful when traveling to other countries.

But in this regard, I remind you that if you are going to travel through a country of the European Union. On your mobile, you will have data without extra cost. Which will allow you to access Google Maps. An option that due to its effectiveness I prefer to that of the GPS that it can incorporate into the rental car.

Is It Worth Paying Excess For The Rental Car?

Another different formula is the one offered by some companies, specifically, car rental marketing.

You can take out additional excess insurance for which you will be paid the amount. That the rental company can claim from you in the event of an incident with the vehicle.

The amount of this excess insurance for damages amounts to about 10 percent of the initial price. Of course, read the “small print” well, that is, the terms and conditions of this insurance to know the exceptions.

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