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Being a beginning entrepreneur is not easy. Rather it is difficult. Complex. Maddening. Frustrating… But it is not impossible and, in fact, depends on how you approach it. It is something that will bring you much more joy than sadness. So do not throw in the towel and pay attention to all these tips. That will end up having a good impact on what interests you, which is the area of ​​marketing and finance.

The house, yes, you cannot start from the roof (and in this simile the roof would be marketing finance, obviously), so start it from the foundations. Do not get involved with technical and elevated concepts, but focus on a whole set of inspirational tips that help you build your company from its own values. This is how things are done.

Take Risks And Aim For The Best

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If you create a company on the safe side, starting from an idea that others have already squeezed, it is very likely that you will be successful. But beware, because that success is going to be moderate. The great successes, on the other hand, come from the great risks: from devising crazy ideas that do not yet exist and from putting all the meat on the grill, even though that implies a greater risk (both in labor and in economic terms).

So do not be afraid of anything when it comes to aspiring to the big, to absolute excellence. Think about yourself and your company ten years from now and see how you envision a future picture where your adventure has been a success… Then translate these lofty aspirations into reality. Ask yourself: what do I need to turn that dream of the future into a reality of the present? And get to work on it.


Innovation usually accompanies risk in the creation of any company. It is clear that betting on ideas with some filming involves less risk, because the innovation has already been worked on by others and, therefore, you will find the path completely paved.

But we repeat: capitalizing on someone else’s idea of ​​success is a very short-sighted move that, at most, in the best of cases, will bring you moderate success. So the best thing is to put aside the ideas of others and start thinking: what does not exist in the world that I would like to exist? Because if you like it, surely there are many others who are also wanting it but have not dared to carry it out.

Ask For Help

No, asking for help is not a sign of weakness. If not the opposite. Asking for help implies admitting that you are not perfect, that you do not know everything, and that, in fact, there are many people around you who, in certain fields, can help you make that idea that is on your mind a reality, but you do not know-how. bring to the real world.

Whether in marketing, finance, sales, administration, or in any other area, surely there are many professionals in your environment who can help you. Because the world works like this: today for me, tomorrow for you. Although, yes, you also have to be open to the fact that “tomorrow for you” comes one day, and that way you can return the favor to those who have helped you on your path to success.

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Learn From Mistakes

You cannot pretend that your new company is a path of roses in which you are not going to find a stone with which to stumble. In fact, you can’t pretend that… But you shouldn’t want it either: you learn from missteps.

In fact, it is only on the basis of mistakes that a good strategy towards success is perfected. Analyzing the mistakes made, taking them personally. And racking your brain to determine how to fix them is the only way for a company to refine its modus operandi.

Get Involved In Your Company

There is not a single case in this world in which an entrepreneur has had an idea. Planted it as a company, abandoned it to its fate. And returned overtime to reap huge profits. It begins to assimilate that this case does not exist.

And, in fact, why would you want it to exist? If you are a new entrepreneur, what you want is to focus on your idea. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, get involved in all departments. Have total control of what is happening no matter how much you give your employees the freedom to do your job… Does this sound a bit obsessive? Yes of course. But only obsession can lead you to perfection.

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