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These 8 celebrities lifestyle, their healthy living secrets

Many celebrities lifestyle is followed by their fans who want to imitate them, be it because of their style of clothing, their way of speaking, but there is a very important fact, which can also be imitated, and it is the healthy life that many of them lead since the wellness in the body is very important. Pay attention and take note of how to maintain a healthy life.

Jennifer Aniston

It is so healthy that if you eat a hamburger you will be upset. That is what he declared after falling ill while passing by a fast food place. The truth is that she is one of the wealthiest actresses in Hollywood. She is a fan of diet and healthy living. His diet is based on organic and natural foods, and he drinks plenty of water and exercises. Gone are the times of excess with his famous friends in the series «Friends»

Cameron Diaz

celebrities lifestyle is followed

The blonde does not stop moving, literally. And the results are obvious: she is still slim and slim as when she rose to fame in “The Mask.” But that is not random, like many celebrities, the actress is very dedicated and chooses a healthy menu for each day that includes vegetable soup, lean grilled meats, vegetable, and legume salad, fruits, and plenty of fluids to eliminate toxins. Cameron Díaz delights in savoring celery sticks with goat cheese. Now you understand why you are still cellulite-free. His greatest temptation is to eat a hamburger and fries once in a while or have a beer. Of course, it has been years since he quit smoking. Also: surfing, skiing, swimming, yoga, running, and going to the gym.

Alessandra Ambrosio

This Victoria’s Secret star is one of the sexiest women of the moment. Born in Brazil, she assures that she changed her body after meeting more than a decade ago the famous personal trainer Leandro Carvalho, who designed training for her that includes: working with elastic bands and capoeira, the Brazilian martial art. When you wake up in the morning, have eggs and a bagel or other carbohydrate for breakfast. At lunch he always eats salads with grilled chicken or steak; also, it includes rice and grains. Between meals, opt for nuts, and at night, again choose proteins and vegetables.

Matthew McConaughey

It is another of the actors who can gain and lose weight without problems. Although he is not one of the most muscular, he knows very well what to eat and how to train to stay in shape. For the movie “Magic Mike”, he hired nutritionist and trainer Chris Lockwood and Gunnar Peterson, who designed a diet that included: three of the famous protein shakes per day, also decreased the number of carbohydrates and increased the dose of lean protein from every morning. For the stripper scenes, the previous three days he reduced his sodium and water intake. Also, take vitamin supplements, green tea, and a product with Co-Q10.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge knows about styling, and this is shown every time she appears in public wearing elegant and modern outfits. But he also knows how to take care of himself: his diet is based on lean meats, fish, and vegetables. In summer, eat a lot of salmon, salads, and legumes. In addition, at least once a day she does some physical activity that keeps her fit and helps her burn fat. Although she could pay the world’s most expensive trainer, Kate Middleton follows her own routine: exercising with a ball, plus lunges, squats, and push-ups, alternating with intense sessions of aerobic work, such as rowing, running, or lifting weights. In addition, you practice yoga, which allows you to remove excess lactic acid from your muscles.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress, named by People magazine as “the most beautiful in the world in 2013”, is very strict about her physical training and her diet. In fact, she is one of the most famous celebrities photographed in her sportswear, every time she goes for a run or goes to the gym, which she does five times a week. Her routine, designed by famous trainer Tracy Anderson, also includes Pilates and yoga. Its prohibited foods include transgenic foods, meat, eggs, dairy, and refined foods.

Jessica Alba

As I have stated on several occasions, he comes from a family with a history of obesity. So at the age of 12, he set out to change his eating habits and choose a healthy diet. It includes going to the gym 3-4 times a week and following a specific routine for an hour. This routine includes 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. Also, he does kickboxing twice a week. Among the secrets of her diet: have an omelet for breakfast with two egg whites and fruit; it has skinless chicken and salad for lunch, and fish with steamed vegetables for dinner. Snacks: apple, yogurt, or a lollipop.

Jessica Biel

He lifts weights, goes for a run, takes care of himself at meals, and also climbs. This last activity is one of his most recent passions. So much so that after being part of a six-day expedition to Kilimanjaro, the actress wants to train to climb Everest. “The muscles are beautiful. Strong bodies, exercise, and healthy eating are beautiful.” This is how the actress defines what she thinks of staying in shape. It’s no surprise then that you follow a strict diet and training plan. Only one day a week is allowed some “prohibited” (if possible organic food). Preferred foods: vegetables, whole grains, occasionally meat, and fermented foods for digestion.

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