Do you like Thai cuisine? Meet the essential restaurants

In addition to being delicious, varied, delicate, light, and stands out for its aromas, which come from spices such as ginger, basil, and lime leaves. Write down where you should taste it.

Thai cuisine is delicious, varied, delicate, light, and stands out for its flavors (derived from spices such as ginger, basil, leaf lime, lemongrass …). It is also characterized by the balanced fusion of sweet (such as coconut), spicy (chili, peppers …), acid (lime, tamarind …), and salty flavors. If you are lovers of this gastronomy, today we present you with some of the best restaurants in Spain.

Thai Garden 2112 (Madrid)

Top Thai cuisine

It is one of the gastronomic references of Thai cuisine in the capital. The restaurant, located in a spacious villa with a garden in Arturo Soria and full of details, manages to go beyond the gastronomic sphere to transfer you to the essence of the country. Porcelain, candles, flowers, Buddhas, lattices, carved woods, and dozens of orchids make up an oasis of peace and sophistication in the midst of the usual Madrid chaos. In Thai Gardentraditions, culture and flavors are mixed with success. The kitchen is successful and the presentation of the dishes is very careful. The best thing is to ask for their tasting menus to try a little of everything, but a la carte does not miss the pearls of scallops served in their shell, some of their noodle specialties, or the traditional Thai prawn tails soup.

Thai (Barcelona)

We are facing the great classic of Barcelona that has been open since 1998. Since then, Thai has established itself as a good example of this type of cuisine. Its dishes are prepared at the moment respecting the gastronomic tradition of the ancient kingdom of Siam. The environment is delightful and when you walk through its doors you find a little piece of Thailand in the center of Barcelona. Ideally, ask for their tasting menus. If you opt for individual dishes, be sure to try the spicy green curry, the consommé with coconut milk and prawns, their tofu proposals, pad Thai, or their assortment of starters. They also offer to take away, that is, you can eat it at home.

Silk and Soya (Madrid)

More than a restaurant, it is a whole gastro complex located on the outskirts of Madrid (also perfect for having a few drinks). That integrates numerous environments, all of them sophisticated. The decoration is exquisite and on its menu. You will find Japanese specialties -there is a sushi menu-, but most of the dishes come from Thai cuisine. Order the squid and prawn fritters, the wok-sautéed rice noodles with tamarind sauce (great!), The red curry prawns with coconut milk, and the sirloin sautéed with chili and Thai spices. Silk and Soya are always very lively and numerous events are organized there every week.

Little Thai (Valencia)

Talking about Thai cuisine in the Levantine capital is Little Thai. It has four stores and they define themselves as “a little piece of Thailand on the streets of Valencia”. They have native cooks and offer the possibility for the diner to select the ingredients to prepare their rice and pasta dishes to taste. Among the dishes on the menu, their specialty is pad thai cooked with chicken, beef, prawns, peanuts, and sweet red pepper sauce. In Little Thai, they also make very delicious rice noodles with chicken, beef, tofu, white sesame and spicy meat sauce, and coconut soup.

Krachai (Madrid)

In the heart of the Salesas neighborhood, we find an ideal restaurant for a quiet and intimate dinner ( choose a table next to the window ). It has a constant and reliable kitchen. They do not use glutamate in their preparations and you can choose the level of spiciness you want. We recommend ordering their tasting menu: for 35 euros you will have a wonderful selection of five starters, six main ones, and a dessert. Very good their salad of soy noodles with prawns, the free-range chicken strips with green curry. And coconut sauce, the wonton soup with prawns, all their woks, the soft shell crab. And vegetables sautéed with yellow curry, the crispy sea bass with red curry jam, ginger essence, and cane sugar. In kra chai, They also have a special menu for vegetarians.

Lamun Cuina Thai (Barcelona)

Authentic Thai cuisine in which, for many, it is the best restaurant of this gastronomy in the city. Thai chefs, good quality dishes, the best seasonal products from local markets. Many ingredients come directly from Thailand. And respect for the traditional recipes of the country. The prawn consommé with mushrooms (in this house the soups are delicious). The battered duck bathed in basil sauce, the pork ribs marinated with honey and five spices, or the beef tenderloin with red curry are some of the essentials. Lamun Cucina Thai’s value for money is very good.

Top Thai Beach (Estepona)

We move to the Costa del Sol to get to know a great Thai restaurant with a very appealing peculiarity: it is located on the shore of the sea. On the outside, it looks like one of the trendy beach clubs in the area. But the cuisine respects the Thai essence. Between palm groves and traditional roofs, you can taste delicious duck rolls. Roasted prawns with transparent noodles steamed sea bass with chili. Grilled fish with Thai sauce, a great Massaman curry with potatoes, onions. And peanuts in coconut milk, or duck roasted with honey and tamarind sauce. They also have another highly recommended establishment in Marbella.

Indochine (Barcelona)

The staging of the restaurant is worth a visit in itself. The jungle environment is full of plants, flowers, and trees, an orchid garden. A bar with a solid wood cover, a carpet of red flowers suspended from the ceiling. Wooden walkways over the streams in which tents swim. Altarpieces with Hindu scenes, and even a floating wooden house from the Mekong River. With such scenery, food could take a backseat. But the truth is that in Indochine the gastronomic record is also approved with flying colors.

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