Electric bicycle with accelerator: What is it, regulations and more

Day after day, we find people who come to our stores with doubts about the throttle of the electric bicycle. There are those who simply ask what it is, others who confuse it with the pedal assistance system and others who know what it is but are unaware of the regulations.

In this article, we are going to break all the false myths about the accelerator of electric bicycles and we will inform you about the one that our Carmela electric bike has integrated, which falls within the regulations and helps to drive more comfortably and safely. Read more about bmx bike for 6ft tall.

How to use an Electric bicycle with an accelerator?

Electric bicycle with accelerator

The electric bicycle is an alternative way to transport people. But sometimes, the pedal speed is slow and too low, so the efficiency is affected. Electric bicycle with accelerator makes the pedal speed faster and improves the efficiency.

For a normal bicycle, when you use it, the pedal speed is constant. But in an electric bicycle, you can control the pedal speed and accelerate the speed by pressing the accelerator. An electric bicycle with an accelerator is the latest innovation in the bicycle industry. You may also like to read

Here are some advantages of using an electric bicycle with an accelerator:

-The pedal speed is adjustable

-It’s safe because the acceleration is controlled by a computer

-It can prevent the pedals from being damaged when the brakes are pressed

-There is no need for a pedaling brake

-It can also be used as a commuter vehicle

-It doesn’t require a license

-It is a great eco-friendly choice

Some electric bicycles come with the function of pedal assist. They can work for you as well.

To increase the pedal speed, please use the button or pedal on the left side of the bicycle handlebar.

In order to increase the efficiency, please press the ‘-‘ button or pedal on the right side of the bicycle handlebar.

In order to stop the acceleration, please press the ‘+’ button or pedal on the right side of the bicycle handlebar.

When the acceleration is over, please release the accelerator button.

Please use the right pedal to move forward. If you press the pedal on the left side, you will make the bike backward.

It takes some time for the batteries to charge. Therefore, please do not use it in a rush.

Use the electric bicycle with an accelerator instead of using the normal bicycle. You can save energy, improve efficiency and protect the environment.

Advantages of the Electric bicycle with accelerator

  1. The electric bicycle with the accelerator is a popular choice amongst people who are looking to get out on their bikes more often. They’re easy to use and they’re also environmentally friendly.
  2. It’s a great way of getting fit and keeping active. You don’t have to worry about getting sweaty and smelly like you would when riding a regular bike.
  3. They’re very safe. You can ride them at any speed you want, and you won’t be exposed to any risk of injury.
  4. They’re affordable. A new electric bicycle can cost anywhere between $600 and $1000, depending on the brand.
  5. You can ride them for longer distances than you would be able to on a regular bicycle. This means you can ride for longer without feeling tired.
  6. They’re environmentally friendly. You won’t be polluting the environment with any exhaust fumes.
  7. They’re a great way of staying fit. They’re a lot easier to ride than a traditional bicycle, so you’ll be able to get fit in no time.
  8. They’re fun. You can ride them at any speed you want, and they’re a lot more exciting than a regular bicycle.

What is an electric bike throttle?

An accelerator is a mechanism that is installed on an electric bicycle to propel it forward without the need to pedal, similar to the operation of a moped. There are three types: fist, trigger and button.

The throttle allows you to pedal or just lean back and go without even moving your legs. This second option is not allowed in many countries, such as Spain, although there is a small exception in the regulations.

What does the regulation say about electric bicycles with throttle?

As we explained in our article on when it is necessary to register an electric bicycle, European regulations regulate that motor assistance can only exist while pedaling, but there is an exception. The law allows a little help when stopped, specifically, so that the bike starts on its own and goes up to 6 km/h.

It should also be remembered that the European Union regulation EN 15194 establishes that the maximum speed must be 25 km/h, referring to the maximum that the bicycle engine can help you. That is, once you reach a speed of 25 km/h, the motor should stop working, but you can go faster if you keep pedaling without assistance.

Difference between throttle and pedal assist

Although by the very definition of “accelerator,” the difference can be deduced, we would like to make it clear.

The pedal assistance causes the motor of the electric bicycle to be activated when the cyclist makes the pedaling gesture. However, the accelerator propels the bike through an element that we have at hand, such as a button or a trigger, without the need to move our legs.

The accelerator, in addition, is more aggressive for the engine than the pedal assistance. Those people who use the accelerator intensively, for example, to accelerate to the maximum or go from 0 to 100 in the shortest possible time, are damaging the duration of the battery and the life of the motor.

In conclusion, 

The electric bike is an excellent means of transportation and recreation, but it also offers a number of other advantages. It is a very environmentally friendly vehicle and can be used for commuting, work, leisure, and fitness. It is also a great way to explore the outdoors. There are also many different types of electric bicycles available on the market today, so it is important to find the right one for your needs.

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