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How to clean urine stains from the suede couch?

The steps, tricks, and methods to remove pee from the sofa. Has your pet or your little one had an accident and urine has reached your suede couch? Don’t worry, we show you how to remove it forever.

The truth is that couch in a house is one of the most frequent meeting points for the whole family and when visitors come, both from friends and true strangers, it is also. That is why you always try to keep it pristine, but when you have children and especially animals around, it is not always an easy task to get rid of your pet’s pee smell forever, but it is not impossible.

Although there are surely thousands of homemade or non-home methods to remove urine stains from the sofa, from Oh my mag we are going to give you a series of tricks and easy-to-follow tips to eliminate the annoying stains once and for all peeing on the couch.

Where do we start to remove the pee from the suede couch?

The first thing you should do is remove all the excess liquid from the surface of your suede couch, for this help yourself with towels or even absorbent paper. You could also use newspaper, but in certain cases, such as those lighter armchairs, this could leave traces of ink on the surface, and you do not want to make things worse.

After this first step, the ideal thing would be to wait until the urine stain on the sofa has completely dried to be able to rinse the entire affected surface with a little cold water. And in this case, as in the previous one, finish by drying them with towels or absorbent paper.

Once all this is done, you have to get rid of the bad smell that the pee leaves, and for this, there is nothing better than using bicarbonate or cornstarch. For proper handling, it must be poured directly onto the area to be treated, brushed with an upholsterer brush, and allowed to rest for at least 24 hours on the urine stain.

If, despite all these steps, you see that the stain is still in place and that the smell of pee is unbearable, do not hesitate to repeat the steps as many times as you consider necessary until you obtain your desired result.

You should also bear in mind that it will always be much easier to remove a pee stain from the sofa and its odors if the incident has been recent, but if not, do not worry, with patience you can get rid of the stain and its foul odor to forever.

As you have seen, it is not so difficult to say goodbye to those annoying stains that end up ruining your beautiful sofa. And although we believe that the explanation is quite clear, you can always watch the video to have a more visual image, we are going to make a small summary so that you do not miss any details:

-You must remove the excess liquid by drying the stain with towels or absorbent paper.

-You have to wait for the pee stain to dry and then rinse it with a little cold water. After drying it with towels or absorbent paper.

– Brush the urine stain using baking soda or cornstarch and let it rest for about 24 hours.

-If you see that the stain has not disappeared, repeat the whole process from the beginning.

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