How To Think Positively – 4 Moves To Change Your Mind

The positive thinking is a general attitude towards the facts of life. Thinking positive is a habit.

When something goes wrong, very wrong, what is your first reaction? Do you tend to make it a catastrophe, to imagine the worst possible scenario in all its black consequences? Or are you immediately looking for ways to reassess the situation and turn events to your advantage by turning forced change into an opportunity for improvement? This is the difference between striving towards negativity or towards positive thinking. How you tend to interpret events depends partly on your temperament, partly on habit. Either way, it is possible to train yourself to think positively, which not only decreases levels of anxiety and depression, but opens the door to resilience and optimism. A positive attitude it helps you to overcome obstacles more easily, because it allows you to recognize the good in things and makes you sure that things will improve, that your efforts will pay off.

Thinking Positive in 4 Daily Habits


Savoring every moment does not mean thinking only of the satisfactions of immediate pleasures, it rather means being aware of the passage of time and the importance of what we choose to do in the present moment. The present, in fact, is the only thing that really exists. The future and the past are nothing more than projections. Anything that can determine the course of things in the future and that can give the past a value is what we decide to do in the present moment.

Living in the past means living detached from reality, neglecting the actions that will make us the better future. Living in the future means being in constant anxiety that something bad will happen or in the constant hope that the future will change our situation. But it is only in the present that we can truly act, to overcome the past and to improve the future.

To think positively, you have to open your eyes to the present and appreciate what exists in the moment.


Why don’t people remember to take a pill in the morning? It is not because they are not capable of it, but because they are not taking responsibility for themselves, perhaps because they think they do not deserve it, because if they were to give their dog the same pill they would remember it. The ability to think positively derives, on the one hand, from the ability to take responsibility for oneself and not wait for solutions to arrive from others and, on the other hand, it derives from the conviction of having value as people and therefore deserving to get better.

People who care for themselves communicate to themselves and others that they are people worth taking care of. The people who remain positive and active when hit by bad luck are the ones who recover easier and faster because they are acting in their best interests. Convinced that they deserve help, they help themselves and make the most of the help and opportunities they receive.


Whatever your passions are, don’t overlook them. Don’t let the “I don’t have time” and “I’m tired” excuses stop you from finding joy and nourishing your spirit. You will not find inspiration from a thousand tedious everyday problems, nor from worries, but from natural beauty and from what positively stimulates your mind. Feeding on one’s passions protects against the traps that drag us down and make positive thinking more natural.

Look for inspiration in the actions of others, read biographies of people who have done great things or who have had peculiar experiences. They will help you put things in perspective. You will notice how these people basically weren’t very different from you, they just made a choice. Make the most of the inspiration you can draw from the actions of others and stay away from negative people who drag you down. Also pay attention to social media and television. For example, the news on television is a compendium of the worst things that have happened in the world in the last few days. Be informed, but if you notice that what you hear on television ruins your mental balance and induces a negative worldview in you, turn it off.


Life often holds surprises, some good, some less so. It’s the way we deal with the unexpected, how we learn and move through obstacles that really matters. And this is where positive thinking helps us: the unexpected is temporary, but our reaction and our ability to persevere reveal our real ability to live. Sometimes we don’t have the strength and skill we need, but if we know how to change ourselves and learn we can find them. This is the beauty of knowing how to learn from experience. It’s impossible to be immune to everything, even Superman has his own kryptonite. The important thing is not to avoid problems and obstacles, but with optimism always look for a way to do things. Change, like unexpected events, is something inevitable.

Positive Thinking Of The Day

What if tonight, when you lay your head on the pillow before falling asleep, you ask yourself what was the thing in your day that you are grateful for? Positive thinking is a daily exercise.

You can make it a real exercise, for example by writing down your positive intentions for the day each morning and writing in the evening what good you can draw from the day just passed.

Positive thinking is made up of many little things. It is based on the ability to notice the good things, from the stranger who drove you at a crossroads to the example of courage you read in a book. Reciprocate. Spread small positive acts towards yourself and the people around you throughout your day. Conversely, whenever you notice that you were complaining about something, whenever you feel unlucky, get used to reversing the way you think.

Educating The Mind To Think Positive

It is always worth investing in the future if we live in the belief that the future can be better. With optimism and positive thinking, you can make a big difference and have a positive impact on yourself and others.

Look around you: there are always things, big and small, that can be improved and on which you have the possibility to act. You may not be able to do it all, or you may not be able to do it all by yourself, but you can become that force that initiates the improvement process. As you grow and improve as a person, you will make yourself useful and achieve great satisfaction. It all depends on the belief that it is worth putting effort into things. Positive thinking is an attitude, a habit. Negative thinking is also negative and has equally obvious effects. The actions that follow from these habits, added to each other, over time can transform life in one direction or another.

Thinking Positive in Career

Henry Ford said that if you believe you can do it you will be right, while if you think you cannot do it you will be right. We all run into sources of resistance, both internal to ourselves and external. We propose a good idea, offer a solution, explain our reasoning and prepare a strategy. In response we receive a plethora of reasons why what we propose won’t work: it’s not the right time, we can’t afford it, we don’t have the skills, we are already doing it, customers will not be interested, we have other priorities, and etc.

Thinking positive doesn’t allow you to avoid these problems, but it does give you the ability to overcome them. These obstacles can show up both internally as voices inside telling you that something can’t be done, and as people on the outside trying to stop you. There is nothing strange or exceptional about this, exceptional would be to find that you have no obstacles in front of you. So smile at the future and do your best now, chasing away everything that would prevent you from putting care and effort into your days.

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