Ideal Morning Routine – 7 Examples From Successful People

The morning routine we choose affects our whole day. The morning routine sets the tone of our mood, sets healthy habits and over time can make the difference between being productive and achieving our goals or not.

Many wonder if there is a “recipe” for success. If on the one hand a daily routine does not guarantee anything, on the other it is possible to observe the healthy daily habits of others to draw lessons and ideas.

Each of us must find our own routines that allow us to have a healthy lifestyle and bring us closer to achieving our goals every day, but there are some routines that are objectively better than others, at least for most people.

Here are 7 examples of morning routines from successful people that you can use as an inspiration to create the right morning routine for you.

The Morning Routine Of Meditation

The meditation is the best morning routine of many successful people. Partly because many live stressful lives, partly because meditation is objectively a way to rearrange thoughts and decrease anxieties by becoming more aware of ourselves.

Meditation is particularly recommended for those who live in a situation of continuous stress, and therefore need to systematically release tensions, and for those who suffer from anxiety and negative thoughts and can learn to control them through meditation.

Meditation to work needs learning and constancy over time. There are many different types of meditation and you can try the one that suits you best, perhaps starting with a guided meditation to help you while you are still a beginner and are still learning to make meditation part of your daily routine.

Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google, starts his day with meditation to decrease stress, decrease the likelihood of making bad decisions and start the day with a sharp mind.

The Daily Routine Of The Cold Shower

For the more adventurous types, the daily routine of taking a cold shower is a cure-all. The idea here is to get your body and mind used to stepping out of the comfort zone and setting your day in the spirit of possibility, adventure and risk acceptance. Your mind will initially give you a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t take a cold shower as a morning routine, but it will soon become a healthy habit.

Tony Robbins is among the successful people who implement this routine in the morning. It is a way to start the day by silencing doubts and fears. It may seem counterintuitive, but precisely because to get under cold water you have to overcome blocks and fears, a frozen shower actually relaxes tensions and improves blood circulation.

The Morning Routine Of The Mantra

This daily routine is used to create the mental state you want over time through the repetition of a mantra or a creed.

Many successful people include repeating a sentence as a morning routine: something they believe in, or want to believe, something they don’t want to forget.

Our thoughts decide who we are and thoughts are borrowed from words. By telling ourselves who we are and what we believe in we form our own destiny.

There are those who close their eyes, those who look in the mirror, those who seek a moment of privacy, in any case telling yourself who you want to become gradually leads you to change your way of doing and thinking and allows you to stay on way that you have chosen for yourself even when things get difficult.

Specific words change for each person, but they must be meaningful words, which forge character, attitude and actions over time.

This type of morning routine must keep the mantra the same, to be recited with ease.

The Morning Running Routine

Going for a run in the morning, or exercising in general, is the best way to activate your body. The blood circulates, the heartbeats go up, the blood pressure stabilizes and the metabolism turns on. This morning routine is especially healthy for those who will be sitting in the office all day.

This routine, although very healthy, can be difficult to implement: the idea of putting on shoes and going for a run, perhaps in the middle of winter when it is still dark, leads many people to turn away and go back to sleep. Ironically, getting used to dismissing the sleepy, lazy thought of getting back into bed to get out of the house is also a very healthy morning routine. Not only our body is activated, but also our willingness to get busy.

The ideal is to go for a run outside in nature, but if that’s not possible, a treadmill is fine too. A hybrid alternative between exercise and meditation is the morning yoga routine.

Start The Day By Planning The Day

Bill Gates and many other entrepreneurs and managers start the day by organizing it. This morning habit is ideal for productivity and for clarifying your purpose for the day.

Time is precious and having a morning routine that reminds us to use it in the best way is essential.

This morning routine is especially recommended for people whose main limitation is lack of time or lack of discipline. In the first case it allows you to organize yourself better and be extremely productive every day, in the second it allows you to set a rule and be able to do things by learning to discipline yourself.

Organizing the day also means deciding what is important and gives direction and purpose to the actions. Having as a morning routine organizing the day is much more than just filling a schedule with schedules, it means learning to choose what to do based on our goals and distinguish what is important from what is not.

The Morning Routine Of Music

A common morning routine is to always listen to the same audio track, which is usually music but can also be a spoken recording. In both cases the aim is the same: to have something that sets the mood and pace of the day.

Listening to the same music track over and over is particularly effective because music affects our mood on a subconscious level. We therefore need to choose a piece of music that we not only like, but that gives us the right vibrations.

If, on the other hand, you choose a spoken track, you need to select something that inspires us and helps us start the day with the right spirit.

The Morning Routine Of The Diary

Writing involves naming thoughts and feelings, so it is an extremely effective way to analyze your thoughts and find solutions. A very common morning, but also evening routine is to keep a diary or notebook in which to write down the thoughts of the day.

Not only that, some of the best ideas arise in the morning and it is therefore useful to have a notebook on hand to write them down immediately, before the events of the day chase them away. The habit of writing every morning makes it easy to gather ideas at any particular moment.

Try incorporating these actions into your morning routine, choosing from the ones that best suit your needs and feel the need the most, perhaps combining two or three routines together. Maintain these routines over time, their strength lies in consistency.

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