Reject Mediocrity – 5 Ways To Overcome 99% Of Others

The mediocrity is the state in which he lives most people, but not necessarily because people are really poor, rather the reason lies in the fact that you will never find a way to go further. The push towards mediocrity is very strong because, by definition, mediocrity lies in doing what everyone does, getting the same results.

Most of the arguments we hear every day are of no great value and most people have a narrow mindset, which limits them in their actions. Many people are so caught up in wanting to “win” and wanting to put themselves in front of others that they don’t notice that they are fighting against 99% of people to collect crumbs.

To get out of mediocrity means to go further and stop following the patterns of the masses. The problem is that this means abandoning the security of the group.

We follow without realizing the truths that are not real and that we must let go to begin to truly embrace who we are.

1. Mediocrity is refusing to fail

Most people hate failure and avoid it as much as possible. In their eyes, if they are not good at something it means that, as people, they are not good at doing anything. From a failure they draw a global judgment on their person. In other words, since their self-esteem depends on their performance at the moment, any failure is proof of their mediocrity, of the fact that they are good for nothing. This, ironically, is exactly the reason why they will never get beyond their mediocrity: not being willing to fail, they are not even able to learn from mistakes. By not learning, they do not grow as people and never become more than the people they already are.

“We can only get really good at things we’re willing to fail at.” – Mark Manson

The formula for success is simple: double the number of failures. Many think that failure is the opposite of success, but this is not the case. You can be put off by failure, or you can learn a lesson.


If you can learn from your mistakes, it is best to make a lot of them so you can learn more. Success is not the consequence of not making mistakes, but of learning from mistakes.

If you’re not willing to fail, you’ll stay average at best. But if you want to grow and become an amazing version of yourself, you have to be willing to fail.

The failure …

  • Bring humility.
  • Develop character.
  • It teaches you to laugh at your mistakes and not take things personally.

One of the things that people who still haven’t gotten rid of mediocrity are afraid of is criticism and judgment from others. The fear of receiving criticism leads to not doing anything different from what others do, leads to not doing anything really yours for fear of judgment and requires you to remain hidden in the media as the only solution. Mediocrity is the inevitable consequence.

The moment you accept the possibility of failure, you will no longer be looking for compliments and approval. Criticism will become a push to improve. If you open the doors to failure, you open the doors to the possibility of success.

2. Learning takes you beyond mediocrity

Most people choose entertainment and distractions at the expense of learning and growth. Mediocrity is the inevitable consequence, but not surprising. Learning is difficult and continually exposing yourself to the possibility of failure is no fun.

“Every skill you acquire doubles your chances of success.” – Scott Adams

The hard work that goes into learning something is the reason most people never excel at anything, but it’s also great news for others, those few who are willing to put real effort into things. If something is difficult, most people won’t even try, which means there will be no competition. Most people eliminate themselves from competing to do the hard stuff, leaving the door open for those willing to move beyond mediocrity.


Every day you read a book, millions of other people don’t. Every morning you get up early to create and be productive, millions of other people don’t. Whenever you insist on your goals, millions of other people give up.

Ironically, the fiercest competition takes place for mediocre prizes. Those who prioritize personal growth and learning become aware of the 1% of opportunities that are really worth fighting for and for which there is less competition precisely because they are not appreciated by the majority.

It’s not worth winning the ultra-competitive game that almost everyone is thronging on. Instead, stop playing, leave the narrow-minded crowd competing for mediocrity and choose to learn and improve yourself.

3. Mediocrity is overcome at the beginning, not at the end

Winners behave like winners before they become winners. Many don’t believe they have what it takes to be extraordinary. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you don’t believe you can do something, you certainly won’t.

What do you need to do to get a result? If you believe you can do it, you will do it and you will probably get the result, otherwise you will give it a half try, already thinking it won’t work and… it won’t work. You will not remain in mediocrity because you have failed, you have failed because you have remained in mediocrity.

Take yourself seriously. Act like a winner, even if you haven’t had any success yet. Start doing every day what you would do if you already had the success you want.

“Nobody is ready to have something until they are convinced they can get it.” – Napoleon Hill

Once you tell your mind what to do, your mind will start working and thinking about how to make it happen. If you give yourself a specific and concrete goal and believe you can achieve it if you act correctly, your mind will begin to devise a plan to make your plan a reality, making the result possible.

4. Experiences and transformation lead to excellence

Titles don’t mean much; anyone can be an “expert” or a “president” of something. If you pursue titles and money, you will be miserable and empty of real meaning.

The most important goal to have is learning through experience and personal transformation.

“Most people are unhappy because they are confused about what really matters.” – William Irvine

If you keep chasing success, it will continue to be elusive. Success will gravitate towards you the moment you want to expose yourself to personal transformation and dedicate yourself to a meaningful project. Be careful not to spend time chasing the wrong thing. The goal shouldn’t be to make an impression on others, but to become someone you are proud of.

5. Abandon envy to abandon mediocrity

Every moment you spend in envy is a moment wasted in mediocrity. We don’t have much time in this world, no time to be envious! If you constantly look at the actions of others you will rarely act thinking with your head, you will not be able to align your behavior with your values, making you unhappy and empty.

Not being yourself will destroy you because every time you act contrary to your values you are telling yourself that you are false and empty.

Instead of wasting time on mediocrity comparing yourself to others, you choose to invest that time and energy in yourself.

Being envious of others and full of resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

No matter how fast you are going relative to others, if you keep watching others you will end up crashing.

“Focus on yourself. Learn. Experiment. You fail. Find out what works and what doesn’t. One day you will look around and be stupid at how fast you are going. “The moment you accept full responsibility for everything that happens to you in life, you will have full power to change everything.” – Hal Elrod

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